Author Topic: [Changelog 05/10/17] - The Assassin's Patch  (Read 640 times)


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[Changelog 05/10/17] - The Assassin's Patch
« on: October 05, 2017, 02:53:32 PM »
The Assassins's Patch 

It's very well known that Archer Skills weren't working like they should, the damage was lower than we wanted and we knew It, however that will change from now on
as we are fixing the main issues of the problem while nerfing a little bit the overall damage of the Archer/Trickster classes to balance them correctly.
We also boosted a little bit the debuffs setup of the Archer's and Trickster's so now everytool your character have will be usefull.

On the other hand we felt like the daggers were doing good damage but their debuffs were still not doing well.
We boosted their tools such as cancel targets and bleeds to make them more complex and getting better results in more PvP situations.

[Balance Changes in PvP]
[Archers & Tricksters]
Archer's and Trickster's Overall damages nerfed a little bit.
Archer's and Trickster's Skills damages fixed to make them viable again.
Stun Shot and Hamstring Shot debuff landrates increased.
Fatal Counter Skill damage fixed.
Trickster's debuffs landrates increased.

Daggers debuffs such as Bleed, Sand Bomb, Trick, Switch  etc landrates increased.

[Other Balance Changes in PvP]
Arcana Lord Magic Damage boost reverted.


[Fantasy Isle Paddies Shop Changes ]
Triumph Weapons price decreased from 30,000 coins to 10,000 coins
Apella Combat Sets price decreased from 6,000 coins to 3,000 coins
Majestic Limited Jewels Set price decreased from 6,000 to 3,000 coins
Apella Sets Bonus information now shows bonuses at shop
Nephilim Lord Shield added

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