Author Topic: [Changelog 04/10/17] - The Warrior's Patch  (Read 497 times)


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[Changelog 04/10/17] - The Warrior's Patch
« on: October 04, 2017, 03:55:06 PM »
The Warrior's Patch 

[Balance Changes in PvP]
Duelist damage was slightly buffed.
Dreadnought damage was slightly buffed.
Grand Khavatary damage was slightly buffed.
Titan damage was highly buffed.
Doombringer damage was slightly buffed.
Maestro damage was highly buffed.
Fortune Seeker damage was highly buffed.
Spectral Dancer damage was highly buffed.
Sword Muse damage was highly buffed.

[Other Balance Changes in PvP]

Storm Screamer, Soultaker, Archmage, Mystic Muse and Dominator damages were slightly buffed.
Arcana Lord and Doomcryer magic damages were highly buffed.
Daggers damages were slightly buffed.
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