Author Topic: [Changelog 30/09/17] + [Changelog 01/10/17]  (Read 421 times)


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[Changelog 30/09/17] + [Changelog 01/10/17]
« on: September 30, 2017, 10:32:03 PM »

[Event Changes]
Added new and unique zone section for Lava Reef Zone
Added new and unique zone section for Scrap Brain Zone
Nerfed Custom Monsters and Bosses stats by -15%
Added a new Teleport at ALT+B -> Russian Roulette Zone

[Fantasy Isle Paddies Shop Changes ]
Giant Codex price reduced.
Giant Codex Mastery price reduced.
Armor and Weapon Enchant Stones price reduced.

[Event Shop]
Crystal Element Mouse Coins price adjusted to make sense to Element Stones price.

[Fighting System Changes]
Maximum Attribute Damage changed from +20% (custom) to +70% (retail)

[Fantasy Isle Paddies Shop Changes ]
Added the following items:
Ancient Enchant Weapon Scroll S Grade
Ancient Enchant Armor Scroll S Grade
Lineage 2 circlet
Cheers Mark
Japan Mark
Noblesse Obligue
Paiwan Hat
Royal Crown of Vesper
Royal Circlet of Vesper
Dragon Boat
Oren Sniper circlet
Rune Sage circlet
Oren Combat circlet
Innadril Sniper circlet
Gludio Sage circlet
Dion Valor circlet
Aden Valor circlet
Apella Combat Sets Heavy,Light and Robe
Majestic Jewelry Set 90 Days
Nephilim Shield
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